February Dance

dance feb11 

Thursday-Saturday, February 3-5, 2011, at 7:30pm

Colwell Playhouse

Highlights of February Dance are works by Dance at Illinois faculty and by resident artist Carl Flink from the Department of Theater Arts and Dance at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Flink, a former member of the Limón Dance Company, will restage his award-winning work Bleeding Heart on our students. Recently named United States Artist Fellow and resident artist Tere O’Connor will premiere a new work created specifically for celebrated performers Sara Hook, Linda Lehovec, and John Dayger. In addition, resident artists Cynthia Oliver and Renée Wadleigh will collaborate with local artists to create new works.

Mumble Bee

Choreography: Tere O’Connor

Music: Balayeurs Du Desert, Dirty Projectors, The Books, Jon Hassell

Set Designers: Tere O’Connor and Andrew Bevacqua*

Lighting Designer: Tom Korder

Costume Designer: John Dayger

Rehearsal Director: Nicholas Duran

Dancers: John Dayger, Sara Hook, and Linda Lehovec

Closure for Blood, Gutters for Veins: A ChoreoComic Collaboration

Choreography: Cynthia Oliver

Music: Original music by Jason Finkelman and excerpts of Unbroken by Johnny Ridenour

Collaborators and Costume Designers: Damian Duffy (text/narrative design) and John Jennings (visual imagery)

Costume Coordinator: René Chadwick

Lighting Designer: Tom Korder

Dancers: Leila Henry, Zak Jacobs, Tim Pauldon, Nibia Pastrana Santiago, Brittany Sylwestrak, and Aaron R. White

Sweetness and Danger

Choreography: Renée Wadleigh

Movement Invention: Wadleigh and Dancers

Music: Leon Charvat

Costume Designer: Julie McGill

Lighting Designer: Tom Korder

Projection Designer: Grant Bowen

Dancers: Betsy Brandt-Hartland, Isabelle Collazo, Nicholas Duran, Amanda Gross, Tamin Totzke, Renée Wadleigh, and Rebecca Walter

The Bleeding Heart . . .

Choreography: Carl Flink

Music: XTC, John Taurner, and Tori Amos

Costume Designer: Amy Kaufman

Costume Coordinator: Anne C. de Velder

Original Light Box Design: Issac Roth

Lighting Designer: Tom Korder

Rehearsal Coordinator: Claudio Ribeiro

Dancers: Mark Deler, Wedee Kao, Kelsey Middleton, Cara Newman, Tim Pauldon, Monica Remes, Katherine Roarty, Brittany Sylwestrak (understudy), and Nora Tonge (understudy)

Production Staff

Concert Director: Kirstie Simson

Stage Manager: Bridget Rosella Benton*

Technical Director: Andrew Bevacqua*

Sound Designer: Beth Parthum*

Assistant Stage Managers: Andrew K. Lenox* and Ari Y. Wartell**

Assistant Lighting Designer: Paul Callahan*

Assistant Sound Designer: Bradford Chapin*

Properties Master: Julie Rundell

Master Electrician: Paul Callahan*

Hair/Makeup Master: René Chadwick

Rehearsal Coordinator: Claudio Ribeiro

Dance Assistant Stage Manager: Elissa Jeffers

Light Board Technician: Chad Miller

Sound Board Operator: Lindsay Zavala

Projection Programmer: Grant Bowen*

Video Crew: Grace Courvoisier and Annie Flaherty

*LEVEL21 MFA student

**LEVEL21 BFA student