Scenic Design

scenic design

We believe theatre is immediate, transformative, and necessary. We understand that a designer, as an individual contributor and collaborator, is also responsible to a broader community of people both locally and globally.

The program guides students of design toward a deeper understanding of the scenographic space via rigorous production and studio work. We offer a balanced and grounded curriculum that strives to create a serious competitive and professional environment while fostering individual growth. Designers and technicians are an integral part of production at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Our students are expected to take advantage of all university resources and fully immerse themselves in their studies by exploring diverse performance styles and self-generated initiatives.

The Scenic Design faculty of five full-time professionals provides the program's vision and mentorship. If you would like more detailed information, please contact: John Boesche at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Program

The BFA in scenic design is highly selective and offers a strong grounding in all aspects of scenic design and a solid foundation in theatre studies. The curriculum offers a challenging, exciting opportunity to study, practice, and shape your craft. Students participate in a comprehensive study of scenic design including scenic art, properties design and craft, design history, creative techniques, and other areas in the humanities and sciences. Design students work with department faculty members, Krannert Center faculty and staff, and guest artists in residence each year to acquire practical experience in production for theatre, opera, and dance. Undergraduates are encouraged to design in the Armory Free Theatre, our student-run space, to explore beyond the boundaries of traditional theatrical forms.

The Master of Fine Arts Program

The MFA curriculum offers experienced designers a highly focused program that combines advanced design, dramaturgical study, and other convergent electives available as part of the College of Fine and Applied Arts. These courses are meant for the refined student, and expectations are high. MFA students are asked to be extremely selective in their choice of coursework but are encouraged to partake in the study of both traditional and more experimental forms of live performance.

In a fast-paced and stimulating environment, MFA students collaborate within Krannert Center’s performance venues on various theatre, opera, and dance productions. Each year, our students work closely with our prrofessional faculty and staff, collaborate with professional directors and other guest artists in residence, hold leadership positions in production, and serve as mentors to the young artists in the undergraduate program.