Undergraduate Acting

The acting program provides intensive training in a wide variety of performing media. In the first and second years, students take introductory courses in movement, voice, and acting. In their second year of study in the department, students must audition for acceptance into the studio in acting. In addition to successful completion of all classes in their first and second years, acceptance will be based on an evaluation of each student's potential for professional-caliber performance, commitment to theatre, and the necessary discipline for intensive study. Third- and fourth-year students meet in daily four-hour sessions, each of which includes sections in dynamics, voice and speech, movement, and acting. Semester-long acting sections include advanced scene study, musical theatre, Shakespeare, and acting for the camera. Students in the professional studio in acting must audition for department productions and perform as cast.

All students are accepted by audition to begin the BFA Acting Program and then must pass a review to enter the final two years.




During the first two years, acting students study their craft as well as the different facets of theatre, including design, technology, theatre history, play analysis, and dramatic literature. Many of the university’s general education requirements are completed during this period as well.

At the end of the fall semester of the sophomore year, each acting student is required to pass a performance review that, along with previous classwork, demonstrates the talent and commitment required to continue in the program.

During the junior and senior years, students meet in daily four-hour studio sessions that include voice and speech, movement, and acting. Training in Shakespeare, dialects, stage combat, contemporary and period plays, musical theatre, and on-camera technique are offered during these sessions.

At the end of the senior year, students have the opportunity to take the certification test of the Society of American Fight Directors and appear in the Chicago Showcase for agents, directors, and producers.

This program offers intensive training with a personalized approach to ensure that graduates are prepared for the artistic and business demands facing actors as they start their careers.

Acting Concentration
Hours Required Theatre Courses
4 THEA 100 - Practicum, I
4 THEA 400 - Practicum, II
3 THEA 270 - Relationships in Acting, I
2 THEA 271 - Acting: Movement
3 THEA 275 - Relationships in Acting, II
2 THEA 276 - Acting: Voice
8 THEA 371 - Acting Studio I: Dynamics (1 hr.); THEA 372 - Acting Studio I: Voice (2 hr.); THEA 373 - Acting Studio I: Movement (2 hr.);THEA 374 - Acting Studio I: Acting (3 hr.);
8 THEA 375 - Acting Studio II: Dynamics (1 hr.); THEA 376 - Acting Studio II: Voice (2 hr.); THEA 377 - Acting Studio II: Movement (2 hr.); THEA 378 - Acting Studio II: Acting (3 hr.)
8 THEA 471 - Acting Studio III: Dynamics (1 hr.); THEA 472 - Acting Studio III: Voice (2 hr.); THEA 473 - Acting Studio III: Movement (2 hr.); THEA 474 - Acting Studio III: Acting (3 hr.);
8 THEA 475 - Acting Studio IV: Dynamics (1 hr.); THEA 476 - Acting Studio IV: Voice (2 hr.); THEA 477 - Acting Studio IV: Movement (2 hr.); THEA 478 - Acting Studio IV: Acting (3 hr.);
50 Total