Scenic and Props

The Prop Shop is staffed by Properties Director and Assistant Properties Director (both Krannert full-time staff), as well as three graduate assistants. It is equipped with the full complement of power, pneumatic, and hand tools needed for the creation of hand props and furniture, and performing various upholstery functions. All work in properties is done on-site in the three main performance venues, in the scene shop, in the upholstery shop, and in the prop shop.

The Paint Shop is staffed by the Scenic Painter (a full-time faculty member in the Department of Theatre) and three graduate assistants. All work in scenic art is done on site in the three main performance venues and in the shared spaces of the scene shop.

The Krannert Center scenery shop is a 4,849 square-foot space encompassing three areas: woodworking, metalworking, and setup/assembly. The woodworking area includes the following: two table saws, two radial arm saws, two chop saws, two band saws, lathe, drill press, planer, jointer, and a sander/finishing machine. The metals area includes: MIG, TIG, stick, plasma cutter, oxy-acetylene, bender, cold saw, horizontal band saw, and a metal drill press. The scene shop also includes a fully equipped tool room, an in-house store and procurement system, and a dedicated office area for technology students. Krannert Center is fortunate to have a full-time professional staff, including two full-time IATSE carpenters who build scenery as well as mentor students.