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The Lion in Winter

Pasta, aka The Carmone Brothers Italian Food Products Corp.’s Annual Pasta Pageant

Bus Stop

Production Personnel

Scenic Designer: Lee Boyer

Lighting Designer: David McLain

Sound Designer: Dale Bigall (MFA Sound Design)

Production Stage Manager: Jennifer Koblosky

Technical Director: Tanya Sweet

Assistant Stage Manager: Morgan Holbrook (BFA Stage Management, Senior)

The Lion in Winter

By James Goldman

William G. Martin, director

June 15–July 27, 2007

Studio Theatre

Ostensibly, the family of Henry II has gathered together to celebrate the Christmas of 1183 at a castle in Chinon, France. In reality, each family member is there to promote his or her own interests in determining who should rule England. This classic comedy/drama has served as a magnet to attract great actors to the roles of Henry II and his estranged wife, Queen Eleanor—everyone from Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn to Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close to Summer Studio favorites Anne Shapland Kearns and Steven M. Keen.

Costume Designer: Jennifer Flitton Adams

Pasta, aka The Carmone Brothers Italian Food Products Corp.’s Annual Pasta Pageant

By Tom Griffin

Sue Lawless, director

June 16–July 28, 2007

Studio Theatre

Best friends Artie and Doober work at the Carmone Brothers Italian Food Products Corporation, where each year they have entered and have lost the company’s annual pasta pageant talent contest. But this year will be different because the pair will be dressed as singing-dancing boxes of pasta! How can they lose? However, Slimy, the henchman of Artie’s bookie, is breathing down Artie’s neck for a payment he doesn’t have . . . will he be able to make it to their performing pasta debut? The suspense could kill you . . . or Artie!

Costume Designer: René Chadwick

Stage Manager: Andrew Head

Bus Stop

By William Inge

Peter Reynolds, director

June 21–July 29, 2007

Studio Theatre

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright William Inge’s classic comedy about the vicissitude of love and life is played out in one day at a remote Kansas diner. A group of disparate and somewhat desperate travelers are held hostage by a raging blizzard. During their journey together, some find compassion, some find understanding, and some even find love.

Costume Designer: Sarah Conly

Stage Manager: Melissa Malinowski