Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre is a 3,000 square-foot black box space. There are various seating configurations which can accommodate up to 200 persons in thrust, proscenium, stadium, or arena arrangements.

The 16-foot high grid may be walked on to hang and focus lighting equipment. Further, the Studio Theatre accommodates a rear projection cyclorama, flexible rigging system, scrims, and a dedicated inventory of stage draperies.

Lighting control is an ETC Express 48/96 console with remote. The Studio Theatre is equipped with a more than adequate supply of assorted lighting instruments including Source IV ellipsoidals and pars that are hung from the grid and focused from above the catwalks.

There is an audio booth complete with a mixer, recorders, and amplifiers located above the stage floor. Speakers are added on a show-by-show basis determined by the need of the various productions