November Dance: Reimagining the Proscenium

november dance 

Thursday-Saturday, November 13-15, 2008, at 6pm and 8pm

Colwell Playhouse

Take a journey with Dance at Illinois for an explosion on and off the traditional stage—one that will pry open new spaces for performers and audiences to revel in. Faculty artists Jan Erkert, Sara Hook, Jennifer Monson, Kirstie Simson, and John Toenjes will reimagine the arena of performance as the audience roams from the stage to the nooks and through the crannies of Krannert Center. Whether composed or improvised, these dances will move away from the expected and expand into new dimensions.

Production Staff

Lighting Designer - Christina Bossmin (MFA Lighting Design)

Sound Designer - Andrew Krumeich (MFA Sound Design)

Stage Manager - Morgan Holbrook (BFA Stage Management, Senior)

Assistant Stage Manager - Jessica Fleming BFA Stage Management, Senior)