Killer Joe

killer joe 

By Tracy Letts

Thursday-Saturday, February 11-13, 2010, at 7:30pm
Wednesday-Saturday, February 17-20, 2010, at 7:30pm
Sunday, February 21, 2010, at 3pm

Studio Theatre


With bracing physicality and a droll casualness to horrific violence, the Smiths open the door of their trailer to Joe Cooper—police detective and part-time contract killer—in their not-so-cunning plan to make some easy money. Chris Smith is drowning in debt because of his drug habit and doesn’t need to convince his numbed-out father and trashy stepmother that the only way out of trouble is to have his mother killed for the insurance money. Of course, the family is too poor to pay a retainer, so the menacingly forceful Joe suggests that the sexual favors of innocent Dottie will do. Jarringly funny and brutal, the play unmasks the effects of droning television carnage and desperation on a Middle American family.

Production Staff

Director: Robert Quinlan

Dramaturg: Caroline Bunch

Dramaturg: Michelle Salerno

Scenic Designer: Ian James Anthony**

Costume Designer: Annaliese Weber*

Asst. Costume Designer: Emily Harris**

Lighting Designer: Darren McCroom*

Asst. Lighting Designer: Charise Walters

Sound Designer: Beth Parthum*

Technical Director: Emily Brainerd*

Stage Manager: Cody Chen*

Asst. Stage Manager: Joshua Kaiser**

*Denotes University of Illinois MFA student

**Denotes University of Illinois BFA student