Buried Child

buried child 

By Sam Shepard

Thursday-Saturday, October 8-10, 2009, at 7:30pm
Wednesday-Saturday, October 14-17, 2009, at 7:30pm
Sunday, October 18, 2009, at 3pm

Studio Theatre

The American dream turns surreal when Sam Shepard gives us a glimpse into a dilapidated Illinois farm family. Vince and his girlfriend, Shelly, drop by for what they expect will be a warm welcome, but instead they’re forced to confront a secret that has shriveled Dodge, the patriarch, into a black-humored alcoholic and Halie, his wife, into a sanctimonious dreamer. Inarticulate Tilden, who is Vince’s father and fails to recognize his own child, and aggressive Bradley, the other son living at home, hilariously yet violently act out their frustrations until Tilden returns from the fallow fields with something he’s unearthed, and a grim bonding can begin.

Production Staff

Director: Lisa Gaye Dixon

Dramaturg: Zack Ross

Scenic Designer: Jenniferr Anderson*

Costume Designer: Amy Senffner**

Asst. Costume Designer: Keeley Goedert**

Lighting Designer: Kantrina Linam*

Asst. Lighting Designer: Mason Gossard**

Sound Designer: Jon Schoenoff

Asst. Sound Designer: Robert Dagit*

Technical Director: Aaron Pijanowski**

Stage Manager: Jessica Fleming

*Denotes Level 21 MFA student

**Denotes Level 21 BFA student