November Dance: SFX

nov dance 09


Thursday-Saturday, November 12-14, 2009, at 7:30pm

Colwell Playhouse

In our teaching/learning circle, boundaries blur between the dancer and the dance, the teacher and the student, and the choreographer and the dancer. In our Student/Faculty/Exchange (SFX), new collaborations between students and faculty members will reveal surprising exchanges. Explosive hip-hop dancing will be featured in guest artist Millicent Johnnie’s new work for Dance at Illinois students, and choreographers Linda Lehovec, Cynthia Oliver, Sonia Warfel, Hope Goldman, and Nicholas Duran will present collaborative pieces.

Production Staff

Concert Director: Kirstie Simson

Choreographers: Cynthia Oliver, Hope Goldman, Linda Lehovec, Nicholas Duran, and Sonia Warfel

Costume Coordinator: Annaliese Weber*

Lighting Designer: Carson Gross*

Asst. Lighting Designer: Charisse Walters

Sound Designer: Theresa Huber*

Asst. Sound Designer: Doug Cross*

Technical Director: Grant Bowen*

Stage Manager: Kate Danzinger*

Asst. Stage Mangers: Cody Chen* and Kristen Cooperkline*

*Denotes Level 21 MFA student

**Denotes Level 21 BFA student